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Video Editing
Websites Design

Quick Intro

I’m an organised individual, with a crazy eye for detail. I work well in groups but better alone. I love a challenge, and I am very dependable and honest. My skills are all incorporated into the media industry. I’m very good at branding and design, video recording & editing & animating. I also am very well versed in the English language and can edit any piece of writing and make it work linguistically. I am also really good with a camera and honestly just love taking photos as a hobby.

Design and Branding

At Education Zone, I started working on our in-house magazine that we produce yearly. I hired a designer to do the designs for the first magazine. After we finished and printed that first magazine I figured that I can do the design work and do a better job at it. I started reading up on the matter and learning how everything works and after a while, it started to get really easy for me.

Today I am pro at using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and After Effects. While learning those skills I seem to have also mastered article editing and can help with the translation of the English text into Arabic.

While Working I also picked up branding, which became something I really liked to concentrate and work on. I did my research and learned from studying big companies like Pepsi, Microsoft and Loui Vuitton, and Mc Donalds. I learned from them how to really create a brand that is eye-catching and help keep the business in the client’s mind. As of 2015 Education Zone has synced all media, where we have a Company Website, portfolio, Magazine and Notepad that all look the part, you only have to browse through Education zone’s website here to see how much work I had done.


I’m very happy with my skills in using DSLR Cameras for Photography and video recording. I have an eye for a good shot, but I would rather think of myself as the technical photographer rather than an artist.

Film, animation & Audio

I feel I have a good friendship with most video and audio editing tools, even when I first started using them. I have a good eye for editing videos together and having it really clean and tidy. I also have a good ear and can put together any track with stock sound or my own mixing of different tracks. Also with all the filming restrictions here in the middle east, I had to quickly learn how to create animated videos, as every time I try to shoot a real video I get jumped by security telling me not to shoot without a permit.

Studio and Outdoor Filming

I’m proficient at setting up studio sets, setting up lighting and setting up and using most cameras. I’m good at using switchboard in the studio, giving commands to the crew around the set, setting up and utilise a chroma key backdrops, and use and edit them either in production or post-production.

Print Media

I have a good understanding of most printing techniques out in the marketing at the moment. I have designed and printed many different media such as magazines, pamphlets, pens, flags and office materials.


Building websites is something I picked up during my life journey through the internet. I love testing or trying all things, so one day I decided to buy me a domain name ‘’ My designer alter ego website. The adventure started me off at something called web hosting, 100 dollars later with a domain and a dumb template from the hosting’s basic website builder I built my first site. I hated it, it was weak and needed a lot of work. I started digging and learning and after a while, I started setting up full websites which gave me a basic knowledge of coding and all the tools needed to finish the job. Today you can see my creativity in web development on Education Zone’s website, Feels Digital’s website, this website and many more.