Skill Sets

I am a highly organized individual who pays close attention to detail. While I enjoy working as part of a team, I also thrive when working independently. I am reliable, honest, and dependable, and I love taking on new challenges. My skills include graphic design, branding, and website development, but my primary focus is on photography and video production.

Video Production

Filming, editing, 2d animations.

My formal education and hands-on experience have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of video production tools, from cameras to editing suites. But knowledge thrives on adaptation. Recognizing the filming landscape in the Middle East, I proactively expanded my skillset by mastering Adobe After Effects. This powerful animation software allows me to offer clients flexible solutions, exceeding expectations even when traditional filming methods are restricted. I bring both technical proficiency and innovative thinking to every project.


Precision tools, creative results.
Driven by technical mastery and a keen eye for detail, I’ve established myself as a seasoned corporate photographer. My lens captures the essence of brands and businesses, translating their values and stories into impactful visuals. Beyond corporations, I revel in the challenge of creating mouthwatering food photography, highlighting the artistry and quality of culinary delights. Products come alive under my creative direction, their functionality and appeal effortlessly translated. And when capturing individual portraits, I strive to reveal the character and emotions that lie beneath the surface.

Design & Branding

A brand is your identity.

My immersion into graphic design began with a combination of self-directed learning through tutorials and books. Recognizing its crucial role within the media industry, I was determined to master its principles. This exploration naturally led me to uncover the importance of branding, which I now consider an essential element in any design or media production process.

Website Design

A skill I picked up along the way.

My journey through the internet ignited a passion for exploration, leading me to the world of website building. One impulsive day, I bought a domain name, a beginner-friendly website builder, and a hosting service, all for around $100. Unfortunately, the builder’s limitations quickly stifled my creativity. Determined to truly understand website development, I delved into research and learned the ropes. This newfound knowledge empowered me to tackle more complex projects, and I soon found myself building complete websites using the popular CMS, WordPress.

Feels Digital

In 2017 I started my own company with services in media production named Feels Digital. I post most my client work there. Click the button to visit the site and see more of my work.

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