Skill Sets

I am a highly organized individual who pays close attention to details. I am a good team player, but I prefer to work alone. I am a reliable, honest, and dependable person who loves to take on challengesWhile I have a background in graphics design, branding, and website development, I am focusing my efforts on photography and video production.

Video Production

Filming, editing, 2d animations.

Based on my experience, I would say that I possess a good understanding of most of the video editing hardware and software that is available on the market. Considering that there are so many restrictions on filming here in the Middle East, I have started to improve my animation skills, which I have fallen in love with.


Highly technical, moderately artistic.

I consider myself to be a very advanced photographer in terms of technical know-how. Although I consider myself a technical photographer rather than an artist, I feel I have developed enough to qualify as an experienced photographer.

Design & Branding

A brand is your identity.

I learned graphic design by watching tutorials and reading books. It seemed that it was an integral part of the media industry, so I had to learn it. Additionally, I learned about branding during this learning process, and personally, I view branding as an integral part of any design or media production process.

Website Design

A skill I picked up along the way.

Building websites is something I’ve learned along my journey through the internet. My love for testing or trying everything led me to purchase a domain name one day. In the end, I spent about 100 dollars on a domain, a dumb website builder for novices, and a hosting service. I hated it. The builder’s restrictions prevented a lot of work from being done on it. In order to get a better understanding of website building, I researched and began learning about it, and after a while, I began setting up complete websites on the highly popular CMS WordPress.

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