Skill Sets

My skills are all incorporated into the media industry. I’m an organized individual, with a crazy eye for detail. I work well in groups but better alone. I love a challenge, and I am very dependable and honest.

Video Production

Filming, editing, 2d animations.

One of my most requested services at my creative agency Feels Digital is filming, I have grown technically and creatively in using the latest in cameras. I feel I have a good friendship with most video and audio editing hardware and software.

With all the filming restrictions here in the middle east, I started improving my skills in animating, where I have fallen in love, especially with motion graphics.


Highly technical, moderately artistic.

My skills in photography are very advanced technically speaking. I have an eye for a good shot, although I think of myself as the technical photographer rather than an artist, I feel I have grown enough, that I may call myself an experienced photographer. Visit my Instagram feed to see many samples.

Design & Branding

A brand is your identity.

I picked up graphic design by reading and watching tutorials and books on the subject. I had to learn it as it seemed that it was an integral part of the media industry. I also learned about branding while going through this learning process and personally I find branding to be an integral part when discussing what needs to be done in the design or media production process. People always think that branding is the theme we use for design, yes that is a part of it, but a brand is also an identity. It tells clients what kind of brand you are (high class, comedy, young, professional, relaxed, so on)

Website Design

A skill I picked up along the way.

Building websites is something I picked up during my life journey through the internet. I love testing or trying all things, and one day I decided to buy me a domain name.

The adventure started me of at purchasing a domain and a web host for the domain I purchased. 100 dollars later I owned my first  domain and a dumb template from the hosting’s basic website builder.

I hated it, it was weak and needed a lot of work that couldn’t be done because of the builder’s restrictions. I started digging and learning about website building and after a while, I started setting up full websites on the highly popular CMS WordPress.

Today you can see my creativity in web development on Education Zone’s Feels Digital’s, this website and many more.

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