Life so far

I was born in Dubai, UAE, where I lived for the first 12 years of my life. My family then moved to New Zealand, where I spent another 12 years and completed high school and university. In high school, I was a slow learner and didn’t enjoy studying. This made it difficult for me to choose a career path in higher education. I started with computer programming but got bored after a year. I then switched to hospitality but didn’t complete the course. After taking a year off and working full-time, I returned to university and started a Business major in Management at the University of Waikato. I also took elective courses in Media Studies, which I enjoyed and excelled in. I eventually switched my major to Media Studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Communications in 2009.

In 2010, I moved back to Dubai and worked for my family’s company, Education Zone, for about 7 years. My sister and I started a second branch of the company in Bahrain in 2014. In 2011, I got married and moved to Bahrain in 2012 to be closer to our extended families. My wife gave birth to our daughter Anfal in 2012 and our son Yousif in 2016.

At the end of 2017, I resigned from Education Zone and established Feels Digital Productions, a media production company. As a freelancer, I offer my services to the public and work hard to build recognition and trust for my company in Bahrain. Despite challenges in accounting, finance, and networking, I am determined to push my company forward.

This is my story so far.

Life so far

Projects & Companies

Feels Digital (2017 – Present)

This is the first company I started. Feels Digital, based in Bahrain, provides services in Video Production, Photography, Visual Design and Web Solutions. Our mission is to refine and fine-tune the look and feel of the brands we work with to establish the best possible digital presence and reach their target audience.

Arabeeks (2014 – 2017)

Arabeeks was a tech, toys and gaming channel I created. It’s where I used to post news on new technology and games plus short articles on issues that are in line with the channel such as hobbies and famous Arabic people. I started it on Instagram and was slowly getting into other mediums such as a website and YouTube.

Although I was starting to do well, collecting over 6000 followers on Instagram in the first year, I decided I will stop working on it as it was distracting me from my work and family life.

Education Zone (2010 – 2017)

Education Zone helps students find out what they want to study and then places them in respectable institutions in the country they decide to study.

My parents own this company, and owning a company means bleeding for it, and I really know what and how that feels like, as running a business is not easy. While I worked in Dubai I started off as a salesman, then realized I can be more productive in marketing and advertising, where I started managing and developing the website and our social media channels. Plus, I was producing the company’s yearly magazine “World of Education”.

Feels Digital

In 2017 I started my own company with services in media production named Feels Digital. I post most my client work there. Click the button to visit the site and see more of my work.

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