Feels Digital was established with the intentions of creating different content for many mediums such as Website Design & Development, Branding & Logo Creation, Graphics Design, Videography, Photography and Animation.

After approximately 3 years, these services are still available, but have been sculpted or realigned properly where Videography & Photography, Graphics Design and Animations have become first in line before all other services. Even within these services there are categories that have risen up in the list of let’s call them passions, i.e. in Photography I find that I would rather concentrate on product photography rather than fashion or modeling photos, I am not even trying to promote services in model photography anymore. Animation or motion graphics is another service that I have been enjoying and pushing myself to promote and improve in.

The services taking a back seat are Logo creation and Website design & Development, even though I like working on these two services and I do not think they will completely be removed from our services portfolio in the future, but they are not as important to me and Feels Digital at the moment.

My vision for Feels Digital has always been to help my clientele look good. Many people do not realize the power of a brand. Branding has always been a core belief or detail that I push to every client. The first question I usually ask a client is do you have any brand guidelines? Because I always love working to build a brand the right way, and I know if a company doesn’t have that brand base (Guides) then they are leaving their brand to be ruined or damaged by other media companies that have the mentality of just making another Dinar or another Dollar rather than help the client grow as well.

Arabeeks was a tech, toys & gaming channel I created for Arab geeks. Its where I post news on new technology and games plus short articles on issues that are in line with the channel such as hobbies and famous Arabic people. It was started on Instagram and was slowly getting into other mediums such as a website and YouTube.

Although I was starting to do well, collecting over 6000 followers on Instagram in the first year, I decided I will stop working on it as it was distracting me from my work and family life. I feel I will only restart the project if I ever find someone or a team that is willing to help this time around.

This company helps students find out what they want to study, then places them in respectable institutions in the country they decide to study in. I have grown so much thanks to this company, i would not have learned anything that i do know today without having worked here.

My parents own this company, and owning a company means bleeding for it, and i really know what and how that feels like, as running a business is not easy. While I worked in Dubai I started of as being a salesman, after i a while I realised I can be more productive in marketing and advertising, where I started managing and developing the website and our social media. Plus, i was producing the companies yearly magazine “World of Education”.

After I was married, I moved to Bahrain and quickly decided to open a branch here. Three years on and Education Zone Consulting Bahrain branch is now working at a great pace, where it has even surpassed our Dubai office.