This is my personal media production portfolio with some info on my life and career.

My name is Jihad Al Razqi, I am a father of two, I am also a gamer, a lover of the sport of boxing, as well as an avid technology enthusiast.

At work, I create content in form of film, photos, animations. Call me a Content Creator. Call me a Photographer. Call me a DoP.

Jihad Al Razqi

Skill Sets

I am a highly organized individual who pays close attention to details. I am a good team player, but I prefer to work alone. I am a reliable, honest, and dependable person who loves to take on challenges. While I have a background in graphics design, branding, and website development, I am focusing my efforts on photography and video production.

Video Production

Filming, editing, 2d animations.


Highly technical, moderately artistic.

Design & Branding

A brand is your identity.

Website Design

A skill I picked up along the way.

Recent Captures

The sky was filled with magnificent and gigantic clouds on this day. I also did not have any work to do so I headed out to find some spots around Bahrain to take some photos. I got rained on for sure but I enjoyed it! I also have many more photos and time lapses that I took on that day that I need to post but have not gotten around to it.

Feels Digital


In 2017 I started my own company with services in media production named Feels Digital. I post most my client work there. Click the button to visit the site and see more of my work.

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